You’ve found your dream home and written an offer only to find that your offer isn’t the only one on the table. How can you ensure you end up in your dream home? There are actually three steps that can help your offer beat out the rest.

First, don’t underestimate the importance of your agent.The communication between your agent and the listing agent is crucial. The better the communication, the more informed you’ll be. Being informed about how many offers are coming in or what sort of terms the sellers are looking for in an offer will help your offer stand out.

Second, send something personal along with your offer. You could send a note, video, or photograph. If you have a family, include the whole family. Creating an emotional connection between you and the seller will strengthen your offer and blow other offers away.

“Make your offer as personal as possible to ensure it stands out.”

Third, gather information. Find out why they are moving, where they are moving, and anything else you can before you submit an offer. You might find some specific things that the seller wants or needs. For example, they may have something special to them that they want to keep. If your offer reflects that, it’s going to give it that extra push.

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