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Video Summary:
If you want to sell your home fast in 2017, there are four ways to achieve this:

1. Staging your home. Take your home out of your house. This means depersonalizing your home by removing family photos or any items that are very personal to you. You also want to clean out your closets and rent storage space if necessary. Update your kitchen with some love and color, because first impressions are everything. If you have pets, make sure they are looked after, because not all buyers want to see pets when they look at a home.

2. Timing. When should you sell? Usually, it’s the spring market, from mid-January to mid-May. The sooner you’re on the market, the better, especially this year since the B.C. government introduced a program for first-time home buyers that started on January 16th. 

3. Target marketing. Depending on whether we sell your home to a millennial, a move-up buyer, or someone who is downsizing, we need to target the right market.

4. Hire the right real estate agent and price your home right. In order to price your home right, we use the past three months of sales in your area and compare the lot size, square footage, and condition of your home.